Asmongold considers legal action after Twitch streamer offers $30,000 to ‘make him disappear’

On April 29, political streamer Denims offered her Twitch chat $30,000 to anyone who could make Asmongold “disappear” and make Eve (from Stellar Blade)’s breasts bigger. Naturally, it reached Asmongold in a matter of hours, and now he’s considering taking legal action.

While watching Asmongold’s content, the 26-year old streamer said: “Listen, I’ll up the number. $30k to anyone who’ll make this dipshit disappear and make Eve’s breasts bigger. You have to do both, alright? Then it’s a win-win for me. I get more breast and I don’t have to see that moron on my timeline anymore.”

It wasn’t long until Asmongold saw the clip. At first, he said he hadn’t decided his next steps yet. Then, he argued Twitch should permaban her from the platform and said there’s no way around it. Now, if Twitch doesn’t permaban her, Asmongold says he’ll “absolutely look and see what his legal options are for something like this and make sure this is reported.”

Later, Denims appeared in Asmongold’s chat, saying it wasn’t about him, but Grummz. She also claimed it was a joke, and mentioned that she changed the offer from $20,000 to $30,000.

Apparently, one of the viewers in Denims’ chat has already reported her to the local police. After seeing this, Denim showed it to the rest of her chat and laughed. She believes if you show her clip to a police officer, they would laugh in your face, because half of it is her talking about “liking big boobs.”

Fans believe other streamers have been banned for far less, and that Twitch should at least permaban her from the platform. Asking your viewers to make a person disappear is dangerous, even if it’s just a joke.

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