WoW The War Within might add a highly requested feature to ‘push the boundaries’ of Mythic+

While every World of Warcraft season introduces big changes to Mythic+ dungeons, the meta can get stale very quickly—but Blizzard might have a solution in The War Within.

During a Content Creator Summit, production director Michael Bybee and senior game designer Sean McCann revealed that Mythic+ dungeons might be getting positive affixes in The War Within, as first reported by Wowhead.

“Yeah, that’s actually something that we’ve talked about. Again, don’t have anything specific to announce about it right now, but it’s the kind of thing that we talk about, trying to push the boundaries of what this experience is, make it more interesting, etc. Those are the kinds of changes that we talk about,” Bybee explained when asked about introducing positive Mythic+ affixes.

A dragon breathing fire in the WoW Dragonflight instance Ruby Life Pools
Failing to react otaffixes in time punishes you a lot. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re not familiar with the term, positive affixes would entail players getting a buff or reward for doing a mechanic correctly. Right now, the only affixes that exist are negative ones, and you’re heavily punished if you fail to play around them. For example, when you get hit by Entangling, you have to quickly move out of the marked area, or you’ll be CCed. Other affixes, like Sanguine, Storming, Volcanic, Spiteful, and Incorporeal, also fall into this category.

There aren’t any affixes that reward players, but they could make Mythic+ dungeons a lot more fun and varied. If Blizzard Entertainment adds them, they could entirely change the way the players approach Mythic+. Healers are usually left to deal with affixes because DPS classes are too busy doing damage, but buffs would entice more players to help out with mechanics.

The idea of introducing positive affixes was first mentioned in 2023, when WoW content creator Caroline “Naguura” Forer asked Blizzard through X (previously known as Twitter) to eliminate the “frustrating factors” from Mythic+ dungeons. Since then, the idea has lingered in WoW community, but Blizzard didn’t say anything until now. Hopefully, the feature will be introduced early in The War Within

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