Alan Wake 2 still hasn’t sold enough to cover development costs

In Remedy Entertainment’s January-March 2024 Business review, the company stated Alan Wake 2’s sales helped cover some of the game’s development and marketing expenses, but not all of them.

In the Business review, Remedy had plenty of good news to report. Revenue has increased, the company acquired full rights to the Control franchise, and their EBITDA is down significantly. Yet, despite all that, it wasn’t enough to pay off the costs of making 2023’s Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2: Alan using the typewriter in his mind palace
You’re still using a typewriter, Alan? Screenshot by Dot Esports

Despite the rocky development, Alan Wake 2 received almost universal praise and was even nominated for several Game of the Year awards during the Game Awards 2023. Critical acclaim aside, the game just isn’t selling as well as Remedy hoped.

According to the review, Alan Wake 2 sold 1.3 million units worldwide, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at. The game sold well on consoles and PC, but there might be one thing holding it back, which the developer was called out for. 

During the Remedy Entertainment Conference Call, the developer was asked whether it plans to bring Alan Wake 2 to Steam, to which Remedy replied they have nothing to announce at the moment.

While it’s a bit too early to claim Epic Games Store exclusivity may have had a bad impact on Alan Wake 2’s sale numbers, it might be beneficial to finally bring the game to Valve’s online PC game store.

Here’s hoping that the upcoming Alan Wake 2 DLC will further boost sales and finally recoup the developer’s expenses. 

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