Long-awaited Sims competitor confirms early access start date

The Sims has been dominating the life sim genre for over two decades, but Life By You is entering the mix with an early access date now officially confirmed.

You can say goodbye to the Plumbobs and start a new journey when Life By You enters early access on June 4. Originally slated for a March 5 early access start date, Life By You was pushed on Feb. 2 to ensure a “high quality” launch experience for all players. Now, the devs are ready to deliver on that promise by doubling down on June.

A house in Life By You.
It’s nearly here. Image via Paradox Interactive

The Life By You devs said the extra time they took with the date shift gave them the means to “put the finishing touches on the visuals for its human characters and to improve gameplay further.” When Life By You was delayed, the June 4 early access date was mentioned, but it wasn’t until now that this date was officially confirmed.

Before the early access date shifted in February, eager early fans were left concerned about the state of the life sim. Luckily, the dev team heard those growing concerns and moved the launch date, mostly in a bid to directly address these concerns. Now that they have, the life sim is ready to launch as scheduled.

When Life By You goes live, you’ll have access to a sandbox open world you can tell stories, a rich character creator, vehicles to explore the vast world with, decor designed to help you build your dream home, and so much more.

The only limit is your imagination, and even this limit can be somewhat defied with mods as the game also integrates support for this feature at Paradox Mods.

The character creator page in Life By You.
You can design your characters to look however you want them to. Image via Paradox Interactive

While confirming the June 4 date, Rod Humble, the general manager of Paradox Tectonic, said “At the core of Life by You is the player community. We’ve created a sandbox where players can tell whatever story they want.”

The time to begin telling your own story in Life By You is nearly here, and with this big announcement, we now know for sure that the game will be ready to go live for early access in June. Ahead of the start of early access, you can wishlist Life By You on Steam or the Epic Store so you can grab it as soon as it’s available.

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