Kai Cenat finally clears Elden Ring’s Stormveil Castle after 20 hours and 252 deaths

One of the biggest Twitch streamers currently, Kai Cenat, has embarked on a 100-hour-long stream playing Elden Ring. After 20 long and arduous hours, he has finally cleared Stormveil Castle by beating its area boss, Godrick. He also died 252 times in the process.

The streamer struggled significantly during the last push to clear one of Elden Ring‘s first areas after spending hours grinding through Limgrave. It took him five hours to kill the Tree Sentinel, the mounted boss roaming the very first area available to players, and he has since been powering through the rest of the initial stages of the game. Godrick posed a significant challenge, but he overcame it after switching from a Halberd to a Katana, whose bleed mechanics helped him clear the boss and the area.

Kai Cenat dressed in custom outfit to play Elden Ring.
Kai Cenat is seeking to host a 100-hour stream for his Elden Ring playthrough. Screenshot via Kai Cenat on Twitch

At the moment of defeating Godrick, Kai Cenat was being watched by over 105,000 viewers. At the time of writing, the controversial streamer has been broadcasting non-stop for nearly 21 hours and is currently struggling against another tough boss challenge—the Crucible Knight. Elden Ring is also his first soulslike title and first FromSoftware game, which only adds to the challenge.

Elden Ring is slowly returning to the mainstream as players expect the launch of its long-awaited and highly anticipated DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree. Scheduled to be released on June 20, Shadow of the Erdtree will feature an entirely new area, numerous new bosses, mechanics, and more. FromSoftware has spent more than two years actively developing the expansion, and the hype keeps growing with each passing day. Kai Cenat’s marathon will only boost the excitement, and here’s hoping he can finish the base game by the time the DLC is out.

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