No Rest for the Wicked players died 35 million times in its launch weekend alone

No Rest for the Wicked devs Private Division revealed some interesting stats on May 10, pulled from the game’s Early Access launch weekend from almost a month ago. From rat kill counts to the most ferocious boss, there was a lot to see.

Perhaps the most interesting detail in the post is that No Rest for the Wicked players died over 35 million times during their playthrough in just the launch weekend alone. However, this is not much of a surprise, as the game is known for its challenging combat that requires players to be highly strategic.

warrick the boss in no rest for the wicked
Warrick is the game’s first boss. Screenshot by Dot Esports

We also learned 84,000 players drowned in the Coast, an early area of the game, and that players succumbed to gravity and fell to their deaths six million times. Additionally, over seven million rats have met their deaths at the hands of players. Thirty thousand players have also beaten the Cerim Crucible, a roguelike mode that serves as endgame content.

The most-used weapon in the Early Access period was the Blood-rusted Sword, a common early-game item. Private Division also revealed that the Warrick The Torn boss caused 2.5 million in-game deaths, and thus, the publisher deemed it the ‘Strongest Boss’ despite being the first such challenge. Finally, according to the post, players have played the game for almost six million hours, or six hundred and eighty years, across this play window.

No Rest for the Wicked launched on April 18, and is available now in Early Access on Steam, receiving support via updates and patches with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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