No Rest for the Wicked devs ask for input on next patch notes, most important issues to fix

No Rest for the Wicked has a lot of potential, but the challenging Soulslike action RPG from the developers of Ori and the Blind Forest has a lot of things that need fixing while it’s in early access, and the devs are calling on fans to help decide which issue should get first priority.

Moon Studios’ creative director Thomas Mahler posted a poll earlier today asking No Rest for the Wicked early access players to choose one of four key issues for the team to “focus on the most.” The choices are performance, key rebindings, inventory management and quality-of-life, and stats respec.

Mahler clarified after posting the poll that the No Rest for the Wicked team is working on all of the mentioned issues, and that the poll is just to help prioritize which issues to tackle first.

At time of writing, almost four hours after the poll went up, over 2,600 responses have been recorded. Performance leads the way with 46 percent of the vote, with inventory management and quality of life trailing just behind with 32.7 percent. Respec is at 14.8 percent, with key rebinding at just 6.5 percent. The poll will close after 24 hours.

Performance leading the way shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise. The game still struggles with stuttering, frame drops, high GPU load, even after two of the first three hotfixes made several adjustments with the goal of improving performance.

Inventory management and quality-of-life issues have also been a major focal point among players, according to some of the top Steam reviews. Inventory space fills up incredibly quickly, players only have a single storage chest in an inconvenient location to drop stuff off, and there’s no item comparison tool. Even many of the Steam reviews that are positive from users who recommend the game still take a huge issue with No Rest for the Wicked‘s inventory issues.

The prevailing theme across many of the negative Steam reviews isn’t that the game is bad, but rather that the game is simply not ready—even for “early access.” A common suggestion amongst players with dozens of hours already played is to wait for updates to improve No Rest for the Wicked into a state worthy of full release.

But if the votes stand the way they do, perhaps some of the biggest issues facing the game can be resolved sooner rather than later.

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