No Rest for the Wicked director wants PlayStation and Nintendo to ’embrace early access’

The creative director of No Rest for the Wicked has urged PlayStation and Nintendo to “embrace early access” following the success of the Moon Studios title.

No Rest for the Wicked was released into early access on Steam on April 18 and has quickly established itself as one of the most popular titles on the platform—but console players are having to wait.

Odessa in No Rest for the Wicked.
Early access is a success. Screenshot by Dot Esports

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Thomas Mahler described the decision to launch No Rest for the Wicked as an early access title as “one of the best decisions” the studio made due to the huge amount of feedback it’s received.

The lengthy post explained the benefits that Moon Studios encountered from the decision. Mahler expressed his belief that Dark Souls would have benefitted from the early access approach and that he’s “confident” early access releases will result in “programs that would’ve never been made.”

Mahler was not done there, however, and urged PlayStation and Nintendo to jump onto the early access bandwagon as the industry is changing “at a rapid pace” and not following the trends is “too restrictive.”

He added that preventing players from playing early access titles was a “disservice” to the audience as “people just want to play great games.”

Although No Rest for the Wicked is set to come to console in the future, the early access title is currently only available on Steam—even though Microsoft and Xbox support early access titles.

Asked why the game isn’t open in early access to Xbox players, Mahler stated it “wouldn’t be smart to load more onto our plates at the moment.” While Steam is “easy breezy,” console ports are “quite labor intensive”—but added that, technically, the title can be played on Xbox already through Geforce Now.

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