Manor Lords dev assures fans game will have a ‘fair price’ at launch

Manor Lords‘ price has been a mystery for quite some time, but the game’s publisher, Hooded Horse, shared information that should reassure fans worried about their wallets.

In a Reddit thread on April 23, the CEO of Hooded Horse, Tim, revealed why Manor Lords‘ prices aren’t public, and it has to do with regional pricing. Tim said Manor Lords has regional prices, just like all the other games on Steam, and declaring the price in advance can lead to misunderstandings. “People will be concluding the game is unaffordable in their region when at launch they will have pricing that will work for them,” he said.

houses in manor lords
Hats off to the developer. Image via Slavic Magic

Another issue Tim pointed out is the possibility of “gray” third-party marketplace scams once the price gets revealed. These stores can take pre-orders for Manor Lords keys, and it’s easier for them to do that when the price gets officially revealed. Tim reiterated that such stores don’t have Manor Lords keys and won’t be getting them.

The CEO assured that fans shouldn’t be worried about the price. “As a publisher, Hooded Horse has never done AAA pricing on a game. We have no current plans to do so, no matter how popular a game is,” he said, adding the early access releases from Hooded Horse always have discounts of 10 to 25 percent for the first few weeks. If you want to play Manor Lords when it launches on April 26, you can expect a fair price with a fair discount in your region.

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