Manor Lords dev bites back at players calling game ‘Crash-o Lord,’ offers potential fixes

Some Manor Lords players have been dealing with crashes since the game’s meteoric launch this past weekend. But the game’s sole developer (and apparent social media manager) Greg Styczeń recently cleared up any misconceptions about certain players’ problems. 

In one post on Twitter/X, a player referred to the game by saying “more like Crash-o-Lord,” which prompted a response from Styczeń today, explaining why crashes were common for some subsets of players as opposed to others. 

Styczeń said that about “99 percent” of all reported Manor Lords crashes were due to outdated drivers, and that to enjoy the game, all players need to do is bring their video cards up to speed. 

A potential issue that Styczeń mentioned could be happening to certain players is an interaction between outdated GPUs and AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) setting. In some cases, Manor Lords will default to using FSR, causing players who are using older GPUs to fail to launch the game. This problem, however, can be fixed in your settings. Styczeń plans to resolve the default setting for AMD users in a future patch, too. 

Manor Lords Trading Post and Families running it
Manor Lords is the definition of an overnight success. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Styczeń has also promised to listen to players’ concerns over any issues—crash-related or not—through multiple channels, including a Manor Lords Discord server and an email address where problems are combed through on a case-by-case basis. 

Manor Lords rapidly ascended to the top of the gaming community in recent days as it officially crossed the one million copies sold mark on April 27 and set a record for the city builder genre this weekend with a concurrent peak player number that crested over 172,000, according to player base tracking site Steamcharts

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