Manor Lords sells over a million copies on day 1, peaks at 170k concurrents

Medieval RTS Manor Lords has been one of the most highly anticipated titles on Steam in recent months. Following the game’s launch, the publisher has now confirmed that it is seeing a lot of success, crossing the seven-digit mark by April 28.

On its X account, publisher Hooded Horse announced that Manor Lords has already sold over a million copies. This is especially impressive because the only game launched on Friday, April 26, just a day before this announcement. According to the post, Manor Lords has also achieved a peak concurrent record of over 170,082, with 155,101 players playing the title at the time of writing. The post also claims that this is the highest-ever concurrent player peak “for a city builder (or for other different genres like GSG/4x/colony sim).” 

Church and Marketplace in Manor Lords in the third person view
Manor Lords combines RTS and city-building elements. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Manor Lords is only in Early Access right now and it has become one of the most successful titles that was recently released in this category. The title reportedly surpassed 3 million wishlists on Steam the week before it launched and 2.5 million wishlists as of January. Now, it’s pushed its way into the top ten of Steam.

In a recent Steam post announcing the game’s early access launch, Hooded Horse chief executive Tim Bender thanked players for supporting the game over the years. He also confirmed that the publisher will “run those 25% discounts often and give you plenty of opportunities to get the game later as well.”

Manor Lords is currently only available on PC. It launched with a 25% discount on Steam and is currently priced at $29.99. According to developer Slavic Magic, the game is planned to remain in early access for a year. An Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One version is also currently in development.

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