Expansions are all fine and dandy, but Valheim players want one feature the devs refuse to give them

Valheim recently announced its latest expansion, Ashlands, which is to be the penultimate region of the game. However, while fans are excited about all the free additions Valheim has been and keeps getting, they want one single feature that developers refuse to add: more inventory slots and less management.

An April 28 Reddit thread opened the discussion, claiming that developers “Iron Gate will never give more inventory slots” and that the studio has previously said it considers inventory management to be a skill. “Until this community raises their voices about it, it’s not going to change,” says the thread’s creator, adding that there are numerous ways to fix tedious inventory management issues.

characters on a boat in rough seas Valheim Ashlands
Valheim: Ashlands is the latest expansion to the game. Image via Iron Gate Studios

Those replying to the thread were all members of the PC Master Race and claimed that mods easily fix all inventory management issues which the devs continue to ignore. However, Valheim is not available only on the PC, and for Xbox users, there are no quick and simple modifications to improve the game’s quality of life.

One player said that an auto-loot ban would be a good start, as players usually pick up tons of unnecessary materials, especially in the late game. Another argued expanding the cart or giving the Lox mounts saddlebags. Backpacks or bags that add a few extra slots are also a good solution, many argue.

Inventory management, either because of slots or carry capacity limits, has long been an issue in survival titles. If done poorly, it can create a ton of unnecessary tediousness in a game for no real reason, which is why some of the most popular mods on sites like Nexus are the ones either removing or revamping inventory management systems. Valheim developers have been adamant about keeping their system as-is, leaving hope that Microsoft will bring modding support to its consoles.

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