Kai Cenat is streaming until he beats Elden Ring—and there is no end in sight

Kai Cenat is taking on a popular challenge and tasking himself with beating all of Elden Ring in a single stream—meaning he might be live for at least a week based on his initial approach. 

On May 8, Kai announced through a cinematic trailer he would be playing Elden Ring until he beat the game, something that many other streamers have done since the game launched in February 2022. Right before going live, he even noted that this would likely be a more-than-100-hour stream, though that was before it took him five hours to take down an optional milestone. 

Kai Cenat showing off an Elden Ring themed background for his stream room.
The background was just the start. Screenshot via Kai Cenat on Twitch

“I will be calm, okay? I will be very calm,” Kai said before beginning his run. “Shit is not going to piss me off. We gonna lock in and do what we gotta do. Malenia, eat my whole dick. You not gonna touch me, not one time, bitch. That’s the only person I know in the whole game.”

With a custom background and outfit designed for the stream, Kai set off on his journey through action role-playing, only to immediately hit a roadblock. Within the first few hours of playing, Kai ran into a Tree Sentinel, an optional field boss that most players tend to avoid early on and return to face once they have more experience in the game. Not Kai, however. 

For five hours, Kai battled and fell to that Tree Sentinel, dying over 100 times in front of over 100,000 people. It took him six hours and 123 deaths to clear the Sentinel, celebrating like he beat the game, before almost immediately diving into combat with Margit, the Fell Omen—which he managed to take down in significantly less time, extinguishing the extinguisher at just under the 10-hour and 200 death mark. 

Kai finished his first day of action not long after that second victory and attempting to face down Godrick the Grafted a few times, opting to react to other streamers reacting to his gameplay and other videos before calling it a night. But with a strong start to his Elden Ring marathon full of memes and tenacity, Godrick will surely fall in front of more viewers than ever before as Kai continues to see success—and dodge attacks like charges from a 2023 PS5 giveaway-turned-riot.

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