We opened a box of Pokémon TCG: Temporal Forces early and were overloaded by Ogerpon

Twilight Masquerade is one of the most hype Pokémon TCG sets to release in 2024, with new cards being introduced from Scarlet and Violet’s The Teal Mask DLC that make it a joy to open for players and collectors. But what can you expect from this set when it drops? 

Releasing on May 24, Twilight Masquerade brings Pokémon like Ogerpon and Bloodmoon Ursaluna to the Pokémon TCG alongside other debut appearances from DLC characters. This set is filled to the brim with powerful Pokémon, strategic items, and amazing art that gives every pack a chance to pull something special. And, thanks to The Pokémon Company, I was able to open a full Booster Box of Twilight Masquerade—where I wanted to be overwhelmed by Ogerpon to give you a hands-on preview of the product. 

Pokémon TCG: Twilight Masquerade early card preview and our best pulls

I am always happy to open any type of Pokémon TCG product, but as a big fan of The Teal Mask’s lore from Scarlet and Violet, I was especially excited to try and pull some of the Ogerpon variants and potentially nab a few Trainer cards for my collection as well. Unfortunately, while my pulls still felt good, and I enjoyed this product, I didn’t hit the big time or get overwhelmed with Ogerpon—at least in the box itself. 

I did pull a few of the Basic Teal Mask Ogerpon, along with a Double Rare Hearthflame Mask Ogerpon ex, which is one of several good money cards that should have relevance in competitive play. The Special Illustration Rare variants and other masks avoided me, however. 

Ogerpon (top left,) Hearthflame Mask Ogerpon (top right,) Legacy Energy (bottom left,) and Survival Brace (bottome right.)
Ogerpon (top left) Hearthflame Mask Ogerpon (top right) Legacy Energy (bottom left) and Survival Brace (bottom right.) Photo via Cale Michael

On the upside, I was able to secure two very powerful ACE SPEC cards, which Twilight Masquerade is full of. I pulled a Legacy Energy and Survival Brace, which is great, though I might have preferred a Secret Box for its utility in helping you fill your hand with useful cards right away. 

Speaking of competitive relevancy, I pulled a Dragapult ex, Luxray ex, and Ultra Rare Macargo ex. Dragapult ex is the highlight here, with some great potential as a damage dealer in the current meta, while the other shows some potential—along with the fact I really like Macargo! 

A very Shiny Macargo (left,) Dragapult (middle,) and Luxray (right.)
A very Shiny Macargo (left,) Dragapult (middle,) and Luxray (right.) Photo via Cale Michael

Last but certainly not least, I got two amazing Illustration Rares featuring Hisuian Growlithe and Chimecho. These remain my favorite style of Pokémon TCG products, as most of them are affordable if you just want to pick them up as singles or nice surprises while opening packs. I also got a Full Art Lucian and Caretaker for my Trainer collection, with both being solid cards in their own right. 

Hisuian Growlithe (far left,) Chimecho (left,) Lucian (right,) Caretaker (far right.)
Hisuian Growlithe (far left,) Chimecho (left,) Lucian (right,) Caretaker (far right.) Photo via Cale Michael

Overall, I would say my pulls for Twilight Masquerade in a set of 36 packs were solid but average based on the strength of this set overall. Even one more Ogerpon variant could have tipped the scales, though I can’t complain about how things played out. 

It also helps that I was able to open up a Twilight Masquerade Elite Trainer Box, which guarantees you a Special Illustration Rare promo of Ogerpon no matter what. So, if you want to lock in at least one Mythical encounter, I highly recommend that product if you want to pick up any product from this set. 

Ogerpon Pokemon TCG Promo card.
You always win with this ETB. Image via The Pokemon Company

If you are interested in any other Pokémon TCG products, I have opened up sealed boxes of multiple previous sets like Temporal Forces, Paldean Fates, and Paradox Rift that you can check out. We also have a full list of upcoming TCG sets and products if you want to look forward a bit.

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