Marvel Rivals players demand one Overwatch feature be added less than a day after alpha launch

Marvel Rivals players are already demanding NetEase to add a key feature from Overwatch less than a day after the closed alpha test began.

The fiercely anticipated six-vs-six shooter launched a closed alpha test on May 10, due to run for 10 days, with an initial 30,000 lucky fans able to dive into the action.

Loki in Marvel Rivals
Players have a big request. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Additional codes for Marvel Rivals are available to join the action as an in-game reward and through competitions, meaning there is still hope for those who did not receive a direct invite, but there is already high demand for one major addition.

Fans and players took to Reddit to request that Marvel Rivals add a role queue option to the game. This would make it easier to find matches to play a specific character, much like the system in Overwatch.

While some players commented that the game is only in closed alpha and is therefore not the finished product, others suggested it was the perfect time to raise such a request and agreed that it would be the perfect feature for “balanced comps” in matches.

Players have expressed frustration having entered matches and seeing players immediately lock into roles despite the team already having those slots selected, leaving them enduring matches with a heavily outbalanced team.

Such a feature would certainly be required for ranked and competitive game modes, where team composition is so crucial, but it would also be beneficial for every mode in the game to provide a better experience for players.

As a player who is happy to play, fill, and adjust my role as required, it’s incredibly frustrating to experience situations where nobody else is prepared to swap roles and sticks with something like DPS, so this is a suggestion I will rally behind.

Of course, given Marvel Rivals is in closed alpha, the best way to see features like this added is to submit feedback directly to the developer.

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