KaiCenat finally conquers Elden Ring’s Malenia after over one full day, hundreds of deaths

It happened. It looked for a while like it was impossible, but he’s done it: KaiCenat has defeated Malenia, Goddess of Rot in his days-long Elden Ring marathon.

One of the most notorious bosses in recent memory gave Kai fits for over 24 hours and over 400 deaths. But as is the norm with FromSoftware games, each death was a lesson and eventually, Kai was able to take down the sword-slinging redhead—with a little over 200,000 viewers tuned in for the big moment, no less.

As Kai finally swung the blade to take Malenia out, he burst into screaming and shouting, a celebration of pure joy, as can be seen in the clip above.

Over the last few stages of the Elden Ring fight, Kai spent most of the battles talking to himself, hyping himself up, calling himself “Kai” and “KC” and praising himself when he did something good in the fight. It was inspiring. But he also used some of his somehow high energy to talk trash to the boss, too.

Kai made his Elden Ring character strip down to their skivvies for the fight, dual-wielding katanas and using mostly jump attacks and occasionally Rivers of Blood’s Corpse Piler to deal damage to the terrifying enemy.

Watching Kai take on Malenia was a throwback to 2022 for many players who originally experienced the same frustrations, rage, and overpowered combos. And at times, he seemed lost and completely overmatched. But the star streamer persevered, slept for five hours after many attempts, and came back to continue the grind.

Malenia’s demise does not spell the end of the marathon, however. Kai still has to finish the game by beating several mandatory bosses, and that means more entertainment is still to come.

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