LoL 14.10 B-patch buffs Corki and Smolder, nerfs Blackfire Torch

League of Legends Patch 14.10 hasn’t quite gone according to plan, and so Riot Games is deploying a chunky micropatch with buffs and nerfs to champions like Corki, Draven, Samira, and Smolder as well as a half-dozen item changes.

Phreak shared the League micropatch details on X (formerly Twitter) late on May 16, adding alongside the unveiled changes that these were the most significant outliers that desperately needed changing before Patch 14.11. That update, he explained, should have a lot more midseason follow-ups when it arrives on May 30.

All changes in today’s League patch: May 16 update

Space Groove Samira dancing and smiling while surrounded with different creatures
Samira got nerfed quite a bit in this micropatch. Image via Riot Games



  • Q damage increased from 70-230 to 70-250.
  • E bonus attack damage ratio increased from 200 to 250 percent.
  • R bonus attack damage ratio increased from 70 to 80 percent.


  • Passive bonus gold reduced from 40 plus 2.5 per Adoration to 10 plus two per Adoration.
  • Q damage decreased from 45-65 to 40-60.


  • Attack damage growth reduced from 3.3 to 3.0.
  • W damage decreased from 20-80 plus 80 percent bonus attack damage to 20-80 plus 60 percent bonus attack damage.
  • R damage decreased from 5/15/25 plus 50 percent total attack damage to 5/15/25 plus 45 percent total attack damage.


  • Base attack damage increased from 55 to 57.
  • Base health increased from 575 to 605.
  • Base health regeneration increased from three to 4.5.


Blackfire Torch

  • Burn decreased from 60 plus 12 percent ability power to 45 plus nine percent ability power.

Essence Reaver

  • Attack damage increased from 65 to 70.

Fated Ashes

  • Ability power reduced from 40 to 30.
  • Burn reduced from 21 to 15. The 60 bonus damage to monsters remains the same.

Knight’s Vow

  • Health decreased from 300 to 200.
  • Ability haste reduced from 15 to 10.


  • Critical strike chance reduced from 20 to 15 percent.

While League players have been relatively upset with the poor win rates for some champions out the gates in the May update, Phreak mentioned most characters—including flagged champs like Yone, Yasuo, Gangplank, and Ezreal—aren’t weak; they’re just being built incorrectly, which is why they’re not featured here.

Unless something majorly breaks within the next two weeks, this should hopefully be the last update we see until League Patch 14.11 drops.

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