Leaks reportedly show off Apex’s newest map, and it’s soaked in neon 

Apex Legends will be getting a new battle royale map in the future, and a detailed look at it has now surfaced on social media, according to leaks.

Notable Apex leaker Osvaldatore posted a slew of screenshots of what’s purported to be the game’s upcoming battle royale map, called District. Previously, Osvaldatore had claimed the map will be coming in season 22, which will begin some time towards the end of 2024, so the map is still a long way off if plans remain the same. The leaks are unofficial, of course, but Osvaldatore has a very good track record of accuracy for a leaker, including leaking the game’s huge Evo armor changes prior to season 20.

Party Crasher map in Apex Legends
The aesthetic looks a bit like Party Crasher. Image via Respawn Entertainment

District has a very distinct art style, and looks quite unique for the game when compared with the other battle royale maps. It features several POIs that are covered in neon signs and lighting, such as one called Drydock Arcade that is a large boat lined with bright blue and pink lights, and it’s pretty awesome-looking, with several indoor areas to fight in, along with multiple rooftops.

Other POIs leaked by Osvaldatore include Electro Dam (a water powered dam), City Hall (a brightly lit city hall building), and Blossom Drive (a residential area with apartment buildings and hologram ads for Koala Kola featuring Fuse). All of it is very bright and colorful, with a nighttime setting, making the neon lights pop even more. If these leaks hold true, District looks like the first fully urbanized map for Apex‘s battle royale after some dalliances with cityscapes in World’s Edge and Olympus.

Another POI shown off by Osvaldatore, called Hillside, is more akin to what we’ve come to expect from Apex, with buildings named Ginko Estates, ziplines, statues, a bridge, and fountains. Osvaldatore’s Twitter/X replies were filled with many players excited by the map’s aesthetic, calling it a “W,” and replying with enthusiasm such as “HOLY FUCKING SHIT” and “looks dope af.”

Apex’s season 20 is ongoing, with season 21 set to launch in a few weeks’ time. Teasers and leaks point to a new legend, Alter, launching along with that season. It remains to be seen if District does indeed come in season 22, or if the devs over at Respawn surprise players with a new map to kick off the next season of play.

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