Sony removes ‘unintentional’ racial slur reference in Stellar Blade

There are only two days left before the official release of Stellar Blade, but a new discovery in various reviews had the game’s developers scrambling after players found artwork in the game that “unintentionally” referenced a racial slur.

During various playthroughs, users were stunned to find graffiti sprayed on the walls that, when combined with a nearby neon sign, seemed to reference a racial slur. The graffiti was originally supposed to only say the word “hard” and could be found around multiple areas in the game.

But this artwork was seen next to a neon sign that directed players to Roxanne, who works as an information broker. Together, the two elements created a reference to a racist remark that forced the devs to apply a quick hotfix before the game is released to the public on Friday, April 26. The new graphic has since replaced the old version, but the effect of the last image remains.

“The placement of two graphics near each other in Stellar Blade resulted in an unintentionally objectionable phrase,” PlayStation said in a statement. “Shift Up had no intention of creating offensive artwork and will be replacing the graffiti for the Day 1 patch.”

This isn’t the only controversy that the game has seen since its announcement, with many people wondering how far the new title will push the boundaries with bountiful gore and dismemberment. The demo has already shocked some players with its opening sequences but things could get even more explosive as players finally dive into the meat and potatoes of the story and its spiraling tale as you attempt to free Earth from a deadly force.

You can check out Stellar Blade when it drops on all platforms on April 26.

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