Lee Sin ASU release date: When does Lee Sin’s ASU release in LoL?

The Blind Monk is finally getting an ASU, meaning Art and Sustainability Update, which should bring him up-to-scratch aesthetically compared to modern champions. 

Riot is targeting a release date of May 1 with patch 14.9 for Lee Sin’s ASU. Players with the champion and his skins will notice the change reflected in their matches.

Alongside his base cosmetics, his other visually outdated cosmetics will also receive an aesthetic makeover, and Riot has also been working on improving gameplay clarity for some of his skins.

Here is a look at the revamped Lee Sin cosmetics after the ASU: 

Traditional Lee Sin:

Lee Sin's Traditional cosmetic after the ASU.
Lee Sin’s Traditional cosmetic. Image via Riot Games

Acolyte Lee Sin:

Lee Sin's Acolyte cosmetic.
Lee Sin’s Acolyte cosmetic. Image via Riot Games

Pool Party Lee Sin:

Lee Sin's Pool Party cosmetic after ASU.
Lee Sin’s Pool Party cosmetic. Image via Riot Games

The champion was initially released on April 1, 2011, making him one of the oldest champions in League of Legends. The master of Ionia’s ancient martial arts were in desperate need of a visual makeover as his base model was pixelated and low-res, and League players were lamenting on Reddit that his skin was “terrible.” Honestly, it was quite outrageous.

The champion has seen a lot of play in competitive matches. According to the stats aggregator website U.GG, Lee Sin currently has win rate of 49.22 percent. The champion is often a meta pick for his great ability combinations with the famous ward jump technique, a staple move in the competitive queue.

After Lee Sin, Teemo’s ASU is targeted for release in patch 14.20, which should bring some Bandle City charm back to the Yordle.

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