LoL Champion Mastery system receiving substantial overhaul in May

Champion Mastery is a League of Legends system that has been outdated for a long time, at least in the eyes of the majority of players. Riot Games has been teasing changes to it for a few months now, and they’re finally coming in May.

League‘s Champion Mastery feature is currently split into seven levels and allows players to showcase their prowess with certain champions by playing them. However, many fans believe the system is too old for the current state of the game. They think the team’s performance shouldn’t be counted in your Champion Mastery score by the end of each game, and the rewards are outdated, too. In Patch 14.10, luckily, this will change as developer Riot is introducing a vital overhaul for it.

According to a dev post from April 8, two major changes are coming to Champion Mastery.

Qiyana's La Illusion skin in League of Legends
No more grind will be ruined by your team, at least we hope so. Image via Riot Games

The first big change is that champion-specific titles in the overhauled system will become permanent. More importantly, however, it will be easier to earn the Mastery itself, with the new system no longer considering team performance.

At the time of writing, three factors come into play when rating your Champion Mastery by the end of each game: Your performance, premade bonus, and your team’s results. The latter will no longer play a part in it, a response to one of the main points of backlash over the past few months.

We also won’t have to work forever for these changes, as they are coming to life with Patch 14.10 on May 15. The developer blog also mentioned rewards for split one of the 2024 ranked season, expected to end sometime in May. Perhaps Patch 14.10 will also mean the end of it and the shift towards the second split.

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