LEGO Fortnite gets surprise quality-of-life update that fans have been begging for

LEGO Fortnite players have been blessed with a surprise quality-of-life update that they have been dreaming of, which improves the game mode once again.

Though the Star Wars crossover event has now ended, the features introduced to the LEGO Fortnite game mode are here to stay—and the end of the event coincided with a surprising slew of changes.

Leelah riding a Speeder FN
Vehicles have also seen boosts. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Prominent leaker iFireMonkey revealed the changes, which all make resource gathering much easier, in a series of posts on X (formerly Twitter.)

The standout change is a buff to weapon durability, significantly improving the quality of key tools and reducing the time you have to spend re-crafting the items, with Axes and Pickaxes given a huge boost.

The Common Axe now has a durability of 210, up from 80, with the Uncommon Axe boosted to 360 and the Rare Axe jumping to 510. Common Pickaxes, meanwhile, are up to 100 from 60, with Uncommon Pickaxes up to 265 and the Rare Pickaxe rising to 375.

Each of those weapons can now be used for longer when resource gathering and, when combined with the other changes introduced, will result in a significantly higher yield of resources from every farming trip.

Trees and Rocks in the environment now provide more resources when farmed, while the stacks for Wood and Granite can now be stacked to 80—an increase of 50 from the previous maximum stack size.

Players just getting started in LEGO Fortnite will also find things easier, as starting Health and Energy has been boosted, with Health moving from four to 12 and Energy more than trebling from 30 to 100.

Vehicles have also been adjusted, with wheels now consuming significantly less power—a particularly welcome change following the introduction of blaster weapons in the Star Wars crossover, which, like vehicles, require Power Cells.

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