Riot loads massive Ornn upgrade changes onto LoL PBE for Patch 14.11 testing

League of Legends’ big mid-season patch is scheduled to drop on May 15, and Riot Games is already hard at work preparing the next update, 14.11. Currently, the devs are testing large-scale changes to Ornn’s upgrades.

According to a post from League’s subreddit from May 14, Ornn’s main mechanic, which revolves around him crafting and upgrading his and his teammates’ items, is getting updated. This means he can now upgrade almost any upgraded item, except Mejai’s Soulstealer, Vigilant Wadstone, Tear items, and all support quest items. The value of all upgraded items will be 1000 gold.

For instance, Kraken Slayer, which grants 50 attack damage, 40 percent attack speed, and seven percent movement speed, gives you 64 attack damage, 56 attack speed, and seven percent movement speed after Ornn’s upgrade. Additional health works differently, and the value diminishes the more of this stat you get. 

Train Conductor Ornn skin Choo Choo Ornn for April Fools 2024
You get upgrades, and you get upgrades. Everybody gets upgrades! Image via Riot Games

Ornn’s upgrades still apply to your first slotted item, and you have to be mindful of where you position them. Selling the upgraded item then buying another one that you want upgraded won’t work, and you’ll still be stuck with the piece that was originally upgraded.  Unfortunately, the upgraded items no longer have unique names. In Patch 14.11, their names will instead be formatted as follows: “Kraken Slayer (Masterwork).”

On top of this, it seems Patch 14.11 will increase the Homestart duration in ARAM from 10 to 20 seconds. This is the speed you get at the start of the game and when you respawn in the early stages of ARAM. 

League Patch 14.11 is scheduled to release on May 30. This is just the beginning of PBE testing, and I can guarantee more changes will follow. 

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