Little Alchemy The Game Cheats

Little Alchemy The Game

Little Alchemy is simple, but very interesting game based on the idea of mixing and combining elements to create new things. It was initially started as an Google Chrome application experiment then it was developed to a full featured game by its developer Jakub Koziol.
The game can be played online and also available on iOS and Android mobile platforms. And yes, it is free on
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How to Make Stuff in The Little Alchemy

When you begin playing Little Alchemy, you’ll start with four basic elements that you can combine to make all kinds of objects. You can then combine those objects to make more complex and rare items. This article will teach you the recipes for making cool things in Little Alchemy, including grass, cities, houses, and obsidian.

Just Drag and Drop Elements of Little Alchemy

Combining elements in Little Alchemy is straightforward literally just dragging a dropping the elements onto one another. If the combination is valid the new element will show up otherwise nothing happens. If any given element can not be combined further, it will be highlighted in red when rolling over with the mouse. There is also a search function that makes the navigation easy just press CTRL+F to find any element by name. Right clicking on any element will display its history, while clicking on question mark on the left side will show the online help.

Combine the basic elements of little alchemy
To combine elements simply click and drag them from the sidebar to the right and drop them on top of an item on the screen. When you create a new item, it will be available in the sidebar to the right to combine with other items. The following items can be made from the four basic elements.

  • Lava: Combine earth and water.
  • Energy: Combine air and fire.
  • Steam: Combine fire and water.
  • Dust: Combine earth and air.
  • Mud: Combine earth and water.
  • Rain: Combine air and water.
  • Sea: Combine two waters.
  • Pressure: Combine two air or two earth.

Combine the Basic Elements with Secondary Items
Here are some of the items you can make by combining some of the secondary items with the four basic elements.

  • Garden:Combine plant with plant.
  • Brick: Combine fire with mud.
  • Obsidian: Combine water with lava.
  • Volcano: Combine lava with earth
  • Gunpowder: Combine dust with fire.
  • Steam: Combine energy with water.
  • Plant: Combine earth with rain.
  • Geyser: Combine earth with steam.
  • Stone: Combine lava with water
  • Earthquake: Combine earth with energy.
  • Grass: Combine plant with earth.
  • Dew: Combine grass with water.
  • Sand: Combine stone with air.
  • Glass: Combine sand with fire.
  • Pond: Combine garden with water.
  • Cloud: Combine steam with air.
  • Sky: Combine cloud with air.
  • Sun: Combine sky with fire.
  • Moon: Combine sky with stone.
  • Mountain: Combine earth with earthquake.
  • Explosion: Combine gunpowder with a fire.

Combine Two of the Same Item
After you create enough items, you can start combining two of the same item to make more complex items. The following are items that can be made from two of the same item:

  • Flood: Combine two rain together.
  • Wall: Combine two bricks.
  • House: Combine two walls.
  • Village: Combine two houses.
  • City: Combine two villages.
  • Mountain range: Combine two mountains.
  • Ocean: Combine two seas.

Combine two secondary Items to make More Items
Here are some items you can make by combining the secondary items made from the four basic elements.

  • Swamp: Combine plant with mud.
  • Hourglass: Combine sand with glass.
  • Time: Combine sand with glass.
  • Eruption: Combine volcano with energy.
  • Ash: Combine volcano with energy.
  • Atomic Bomb: Combine energy with explosion.
  • Eclipse: Combine sun and moon.

Keep Combining Items
There are over 580 combinations in the game.
Not all items can be combined, but keep trying to see what you can create. Eventually, you can figure out how to make animals, humans, and even aliens.


The games demonstrates a simple user interface with cute icons. As of writing this description the game has 580 elements to discover (plus an additional 30 candy elements) which is a lot to keep anyone entertained for hours. It is hard to believe how addictive a simple game like this can be, but as one makes progress it will become more difficult to stop playing the game. In case of getting frustrated you might want to check our step by step tutorial or the full list of combinations Little Alchemy just to get you up to speed. 

Be an Alchemist

When playing Chrome or the mobile version the game will be saved so you can continue where you stopped. Those versions also offer an extra 30 (candy) combinations in addition to the default 580 combinations. This also adds more fun to the game to let everyone become a real Alchemist.
Here is your chance to prove if we are right or wrong, Little Alchemy play now !

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