LoL veterans call out Riot as chest grind becomes ‘unbearable’ after Mastery system update

Now that time has passed since the new League of Legends Champion Mastery update fully rolled out, long-time fans are publicly criticizing the lengthy grind and lackluster rewards.

Earlier this year, Riot Games updated League champion mastery for the first time in years, with the move immediately generating controversy among players. Now the dust has settled, fans across the title’s wider community have taken to social media to blast the outrageous rewards in the updated Mastery Chests and demand changes.

New mastery emotes for League of Legends
There’s been lots of back-and-forth over the League mastery system. Images via Riot Games

One fan stated it was “scummy” how Mastery Chests—which are now significantly harder to obtain—still contain items like Champion Shards or Blue Essence. As you now have to grind out many games on the same character to receive chests, members of the League community find it strange how the rewards have stayed the same.

The same fans claimed Champion Shards and Blue Essence are already given to players through level-up capsules, making this chest reward even more infuriating. Other long-time players of League agreed with this aggravated statement, with one even jokingly suggesting they loved grinding for three chests just to receive two champs instead of a skin.

Another issue the League community raised was how ARAM players who play more casually can no longer earn Mastery Chests; the new system basically forces you to play games as the same champion multiple times. Since ARAM is a game mode centered around playing random characters every match, Howling Abyss players say they feel completely “left out” of this now-updated progression and its rewards system.

Not everyone is so annoyed by the League changes, however, with some even coming out of the woodwork today to defend the update. These outspoken few pointed to newer players who do not own all the champions, which actually makes Champion Shards and Blue Essence valuable rewards for that group.

Overall, the implementation of this system seems to have left the majority of seasoned League players disappointed. Many disgruntled fans have said they feel like the new system rewards grinding out games instead of mastering gameplay.

There has still been no response from Riot about the future of League’s mastery system. However, if players continue to speak out about what they see as “unfair rewards,” chances are Riot could look at the system again eventually.

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