Twitch diminished, Kick limited, TikTok versus Insta: How Mizkif sees streaming 10 years from now

Mizkif thinks Twitch won’t be as dominant in the streaming landscape in 10 years, attributing the decline in its viewership to several other platforms coming into the limelight.

Mizkif and fellow Twitch streamer Squeex discussed Twitch and rival platforms like Kick and TikTok live in a June 4 episode of the Just Chatting podcast. Despite Kick signing many famous streamers like Adin Ross and xQc since the platform launched in October 2022, Mizkif thinks Kick won’t disrupt Twitch’s dominance; however, with other platforms like TikTok and Instagram Live also in play, he doesn’t think Twitch will be as big 10 years from now.

“I think there’s just going to be, like, Twitter streamers that are huge, there’s gonna be TikTok streamers. They’re not going to necessarily need to all just be on Twitch, which is going to hurt Twitch,” Mizkif explained. The streamers, however, agreed that despite the erratic decisions by Twitch over the last few years, especially when Emmett Shear was CEO, the platform is “an arm and a leg above” the rest of the streaming platforms.

Squeex explained that only streamers who get paid want to start their careers on Kick. Additionally, with Twitch letting creators stream on rival platforms, streamers are realizing the strength of their Twitch communities.

YouTube also challenged Twitch’s dominance, but after a few major signings like Ludwig, Valkyrae, and TimTheTatman, it stopped offering streamers multi-million dollar deals. It is hard for rival platforms to take over Twitch’s market share; nevertheless, Kick has shown impressive growth in its peak viewers, hours watched, and number of channels in May.

Considering Twitch left the Korean market on Feb. 27 due to recurring losses and, as a result, increased sub prices in over 30 countries, we can expect rival platforms to cook up strategies to swoop in and sway viewers in their direction.

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