LoL’s newest Faerie Court skins bring seasonal splendor to the Rift

Faerie Court skins are coming back to League of Legends with four new magical faeries, adding a sprinkle of magic to Summoner’s Rift. These new enchanting skins bring players into an other-worldly landscape full of pixie dust and whimsical trickery, promising to deliver a journey through seasons full of wonder.

In this alternative League universe, faeries and their fantastical companions embody pure natural magic and ethereal beauty, reveling in moonlit festivities and enchanting melodies. Riot Games unveiled today that on top of the six faeries already living under the protection of Queen Karma, four more will be added to their respective seasons’ courts: Lux, Soraka, Tristana, and Lillia.

Lux’s new skin shows her as a radiant beacon of light, bringing forth rays of joy akin to a warm spring day, while Soraka, embodying the tranquil essence of summer, radiates calmness and embraces nature’s beauty with her purple-toned skin. 

Tristana, adorned in the vibrant hues of fall, infuses the court with an energetic spirit that echoes the rustling of autumn leaves and exudes cozy vibes. In this whimsical universe, Tristana transformed her cannon—Boomer—into a glass jar full of fireflies, turning her trusted weapon into a whimsical beauty fit for the Faerie Court skin line. Finally, the Bashful Bloom Lillia steps away from her usual spring-like appearance to fully embrace the frosty elegance of winter, casting a spell of icy enchantment across the Rift.

Patch 14.9 hits the servers tomorrow. League players can expect the four new Faerie Court skins to arrive alongside Patch 14.10, which is set to be released on May 15, according to the official patch schedule.

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