Twitch launches TikTok-like scrollable Discovery feed to showcase live streams

Looks like Twitch is the latest content platform to adopt the TikTok formula. Earlier today, the streaming platform announced the launch of its Discovery Feed, an infinitely scrolling showcase of live streams and clips available on the Twitch mobile app. 

As of its initial launch, the Discovery Feed is separated into the Live and Clips tabs, allowing users to switch between currently broadcasting channels and popular clips. According to the official help article, these two feeds feature “personalized content” from the channels you already follow mixed with content from similar streamers. 

While there isn’t much detail on how this content is curated, users can at least calibrate their Clips feed with the thumbs up or thumbs down button. Furthermore, you can follow channels directly from either tab to keep up with newly discovered content or save it for later viewing. 

The Discovery Feed also features ads between posts instead of at the start of streams and clips for a “non-intrusive” experience—with the ad revenue going directly to Twitch instead of contributing to any streamer earnings.

Apparently, Twitch is still fine-tuning the Discovery Feed and its implementation ahead of a major rehaul of the mobile app planned for “later this year.” You might be seeing various changes with each app update. For now, the currently planned features include the ability to tap into live streams from anywhere on the screen (scheduled for implementation on May 20), substitution of the home page with the Discovery Feed, and possible vertical video support.

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