Gray Zone Warfare already rolls out first hotfix, plus a public test server for future changes

Gray Zone Warfare developer MADFINGER Games has deployed the game’s first early-access hotfix, aiming to fix some performance issues and other bugs.

With nearly 70,000 players in-game at the time of the update rolling out today, it’s clear there’s a big audience for the extraction shooter game. Although many jumped to give bad reviews for the early-access title, the developer was quick to send out a fix for some of its worst issues on day one.

As an early-access game and the first PC game for the previously mobile-only developer, GZW shows serious potential. But many players were unable to play the game properly, or at all, thanks to a number of issues that should now subside with today’s hotfix.

Read on below for the patch notes for GZW’s first early-access patch.

Gray Zone Warfare Hotfix #01 patch notes

GZW patch notes early access #01
A day one fix is in. Image via MADFINGER Games

As seen in the image above, GZW’s first patch on day one is meant to fix several issues plaguing the game around 12 hours from its initial launch, including server crashes, anti-cheat preventing people from playing, and players spawning without items like heads or clothes.

As part of the update, GZW will also roll out a public test branch for players to test some of these fixes before they hit the live servers. The dev says 250 testers will be let into the PTB to help test out the stability of the update before it goes live for everyone.

With performance a big concern for the game, GZW also has had some default menu options changed. This includes an antialiasing setting defaulting to FSR as opposed to DLSS frame generation, which was causing major issues when it comes to lag, FPS, and general graphical performance.

The default AA quality setting for FSR will now be Performance, which should further improve the game’s graphical quality and allow for a smoother experience in early access and beyond.

The full patch notes for the hotfix were first posted on GZW’s official Discord server.

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