Riot to completely rework ADC items—again—in LoL Patch 14.10

League of Legends’ in-game item shop received some massive changes at the start of the 2024 ranked season, with the biggest tweak coming in the form of the removal of Mythic items. In an upcoming patch, though, many of League’s items are set to receive even more changes, with almost all of the adjustments being targeted specifically at one position on Summoner’s Rift.  

While many players were satisfied with the majority of the changes that hit the live servers this season, one subset of the League population was left hanging. According to Riot’s internal surveys, ADC players were left most unsatisfied with the 2024 item changes. And in Patch 14.10, Riot plans to update ADC items, particularly in the way they interact with power spikes. 

Ashe drawing her bow and arrow in a League of Legends splash art.
AD carries are famously some of League‘s most vocal players, and Riot is finally listening. Image via Riot Games

“Remember a world where there existed big AD stat sticks, and ADCs didn’t get to have all of their desired stats on their first purchases?” Riot asked players in a dev update earlier today.
“Back when power progression was more linear, each item felt equally as important, and item purchases felt powerful. Well that’s the world we’re looking to go back to!”

To achieve a system where power spikes are more reasonable and AD carries aren’t an all-or-nothing role that requires getting ahead early and putting all of their eggs into one basket, Riot intends to make two big changes. 

First, Legendary critical strike items will have their crit bonus increased from 20 percent to 25 percent. Second, items will only have two scaling stats attached to them instead of three. 

These changes will look to give ADC players more flexibility in their builds on a game-by-game basis, in addition to making the power spikes they accrue throughout a game feel even more significant. Riot initially had these intentions when it first reworked ADC items during the 2024 preseason, but they’re definitely being expanded upon in Patch 14.10.

“The Mythic and recent post-Mythic ADC system gave every stat you needed on a lot of items, giving a smooth power progression through the early and mid game for the role. This was powerful, but meant leads were less meaningful and item spikes felt uneven,” Riot said. 

In addition to many items getting tweaked and adjusted, two items are being completely removed from the game: Kircheis Shard and Stormrazor. Riot intends to make the Energized passive effect only available to Legendary items, including Voltaic Cyclosword and Rapid Firecannon, which will keep their effects but have their build paths altered. 

Riot wants every player to feel like they have more options open to them at any given time in any given game, regardless of what ADC champion they’re playing. The League devs will likely keep a close eye on the reception to these changes throughout the Patch 14.10 PBE cycle, as well as the patch’s time on the live servers. 

League Patch 14.10 is set to go live on May 15, according to Riot’s official patch schedule.

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