Mac users—gaming’s most overlooked player base—finally get native integration for Palworld

Mac users have finally been heard as native integration for 2024’s biggest creature-collecting hit, Palworld, is finally coming.

Palworld surged into popularity when it was released in January on PC and Xbox Series X|S, but players on other platforms had to look on in envy—and the pain was even greater for those with a Mac.

Anubis Statue location in Palworld's volcanic region
It’s about time. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Often overlooked and forgotten about, Mac players had to use crossparty software to have any chance of playing Palworld on their platform. And while the addition to GeForce Now provided an easier avenue, things are going to get very simple now.

Developer PocketPair announced Palworld is coming to every Mac with Apple Silicon later this year, bringing all the fun of the title, including everything that will be added in the Sakurajima update on June 27, to the platform.

The big news is that Palworld will run natively for players on Macs with Apple Silicon and offers support for software technologies in macOS like HDR and MetalFX Upscaling—and pre-orders for Palworld on Mac “will become available in the near future.”

All the updates from the Sakurjima update will be available on launch on Mac, including never-before-seen scenery on a new island, a variety of new Pals, a new tower boss, new buildings, and new weapons.

That will come alongside the over 100 Pals already in Palworld, all of which can be captured and trained to bend to your will, base-building elements, exploration, resource gathering, and everything else that made Palworld stand as the breakout hit of 2024.

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