Marvel Rivals’ environmental destruction lets players ‘open new pathways’ to give ‘a leg up’ mid-match

Marvel Rivals’ closed alpha test is just hours away from beginning, and its developer has shared information on the game’s destructible environments in a detailed blog post.

The six-vs-six hero shooter featuring iconic heroes and villains such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Magneto, and many others, aims to make things fresh with what the dev calls “thematic environmental destruction.”

iron man flying in marvel rivals
Blast it down. Image via NetEase Games

“Picture this: we want to be able to tear down buildings and structures with our awesome super powers, but because this is a team-based PvP shooter, we needed those blocks to exist for strategic showdowns” NetEase Games said in the blog. “Otherwise, once everything is reduced to rubble, it would just turn into a chaotic battle in large open space.”

Marvel Rivals uses Unreal Engine 5’s Chaos destruction system and Lumen global dynamic lighting system to bring “rich physical effects and dynamic lighting to the game,” meaning players can use Marvel characters’ awesome powers to break stuff. But “essential structures” like high platforms are designed to be indestructible “to ensure player maneuverability and the strategic nature of team battles.”

“We had to make sure that the aftermath of your destruction didn’t hinder the fluidity of heroes’ movement or mess with their high-flying acrobatics,” NetEase said. The blog goes on to say the dev team wants to make an experience that feels fresh and unique with how “random debris” and other destruction can fundamentally change a map and how it plays—without messing too much with movement and attacking gameplay mechanics.

The closed alpha test is a great chance for players to test out the destruction, NetEase says, and is asking for feedback to help build the game.

Marvel Rivals’ closed alpha test begins on May 10 at 7pm CT and will continue until May 20.

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