Gray Zone Warfare encourages players to cooperate until one of its biggest issues is resolved

Gray Zone Warfare has had some significant issues with crashing and performance, but the early access extraction shooter has a temporary solution until one of its major gameplay problems is solved: togetherness.

In the game’s first community update post, the developers of Gray Zone Warfare at MADFINGER Games commented on the frequency of unavailable helicopters, saying they’re aware of the issue and working on a solution. According to them, the lack of readily available helicopters is “an unintended side effect of the amount of solo players, which are more than we expected.”

No matter what faction you select in GZW, every player has experienced at least one instance where a transport helicopter is unavailable due to there being too many “birds in the air.” In GZW, there’s a finite number of helicopters that can be active per faction, forcing players to wait for a pickup or a dropoff. While the ride from base camp to the nearest town may only take 10 to 20 seconds, rides across the map to landmark landing zones can take several minutes there and back.

While a permanent solution is being discussed, the developers are encouraging players to use their mics and voice chat while at base camp to signal which LZ their called-in helicopter is going to so anyone else looking to go to the same spot can hop on. While at a dangerous area or place of interest all the way across the map, you can pull up the map and right-click on a faction member’s icon to text message them, informing them that a helicopter is inbound or about to be called.

In today’s update, the developers also said they’re looking into reports about deadly accurate “aimbot” AI enemies and the poor performance of 9mm and shotgun rounds.

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