Marvel Snap July 2024 season leak: Deadpool and Wolverine

Deadpool and Wolverine is Marvel’s most-hyped film since Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Marvel Snap is looking to capitalize on that, according to a new data mine.

The Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman-led film releases on July 26, but Marvel Snap‘s July season kicks off weeks earlier on July 9 and will be decidedly Deadpool-themed. The new season will include five new cards, two new locations, and more.

Here’s everything that was data mined from Marvel Snap by sites like to reveal July 2024’s season, themed around Deadpool and Wolverine.

Marvel Snap July 2024 leak: Deadpool and Wolverine

July 2024 Marvel Snap season
Get ’em while they’re hot. Image via

We hope you’re hungry for some Chimichangas. Deadpool has some pals joining the fray this summer.

Marvel Snap July 2024 season pass card: Gwenpool

Gwenpool Marvel Snap card
An alternate version of Gwen Stacey. Image via
  • Card stats: Four cost, four power
  • Card text: “On Reveal: Pick a random card in your hand 4 times. Give +2 Power each time.”

Gwenpool sounds like a very, very powerful card in its current iteration, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see some change made. In total, this card becomes a four-cost with a minimum of 12 power added, so long as there are cards in your hand to buff.

Now imagine her buffing a card like Sebastian Shaw or anything else that benefits greatly from more power (basically anything does), and she sounds like a must-get.

Marvel Snap July 2024 season: New cards

On top of Gwenpool, four other new cards will join Marvel Snap in subsequent weeks throughout the July season via Spotlight Caches.

Hydra Bob (July 9 Spotlight Cache)

Hydra Bob Marvel Snap card
One of Deadpool’s oldest pals. Image via
  • Card stats: Two cost, five power
  • Card text: “After each turn, move to another location if you’re losing here.”

Ajax (July 16 Spotlight Cache)

Ajax Marvel Snap card
The bad guy from the first Deadpool film. Image via
  • Card stats: Four cost, four power
  • Card text: “Ongoing: +1 Power for each card in play afflicted with negative Power.”

Cassandra Nova (July 23 Spotlight Cache)

Cassandra Nova Marvel Snap card
Professor X’s evil twin. Image via
  • Card stats: Three cost, one power
  • Card text: “On Reveal: Drain 1 Power from each card in your opponent’s deck.”

Copycat (July 30 Spotlight Cache)

Copycat Marvel Snap card
She’ll copy a card’s ability. Image via
  • Card stats: Three cost, five power
  • Card text: “When you draw this, steal the text from the bottom card of your opponent’s deck.”

Marvel Snap July 2024 season: New locations

Two new decidedly Deadpool-themed locations will be added throughout July.

Weapon X Facility

  • “Discard a card to draw a card.”

Taco Truck

  • “Add a Chimichanga to your hand.”
    • Chimichanga
      • Card stats: Unknown
      • Card text: “On Reveal: Merge this with one of your cards here.”

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