Farming sim developer apologizes for ‘breast physics’ post: ‘We are taking the necessary steps to learn’

Creators of open-world multiplayer farming game Farm Folks have issued an apology regarding their previous post about “breast physics.” The devs promised they would learn from the situation going forward, and that they “value the feedback of their community.” The community, however, reacted sharply.

We previously wrote of the official Farm Folks X (Twitter) account asking players how much “breast jiggle physics” is enough, with several examples of female models with various physics settings. This upset many players who felt “alienated” considering the game is supposed to be a family-friendly title about farming. One user accused the developers of purposefully creating discord in light of the discussions surrounding Stellar Blade and its protagonist’s physical looks. The developers have now issued a response and apologized for their previous posts on April 30, to a sharp response from other X users who snuck a reply in before the discussion was locked.

Discussion about the Farm Folks response on Twitter.
The top replies believed the devs should not have backed down. Collage by Dot Esports

Those replying to the post on X believed the devs weren’t wrong in the first place, and that they made a “light-hearted post asking for community feedback,” as one user put it. On the now-deleted original post, things weren’t as great, with one user notably saying that “girls won’t be playing” due to the developers’ seeming sexualization of the female characters. Replies have since been locked on the apology.

Farm Folks aims to be an open-world multiplayer take on the farming simulation genre of which we have seen numerous games in the past several years. The game began as a successful Kickstarter campaign and is being developed by indie studio Crytivo. There is currently no announced release window as the game is still in development, which, as things stand, doesn’t seem to have been impeded by the whole controversial ordeal.

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