Marvel Snap’s Thunderbolts-themed season adds 6 new cards, including Red Hulk and White Widow

A bad-guy team-up on a suicide mission? We’ve heard this one before. Meet the Thunderbolts in April 2024’s season of Marvel Snap.

Inspired by the team from the comics and also the upcoming Thunderbolts movie in the MCU, the new season will add six new cards featuring bad guys who sometimes play good, including Florence Pugh’s White Widow and David Harbour’s Red Guardian.

Second Dinner revealed the details about this new season in a new video today, featuring the always-enthusiastic Ben Brode. Brode also revealed that Snap’s previously announced Leagues will be coming in an update at the end of April. The clan-like feature will pit players against and with each other for rewards when it’s ready to go live, marking another addition off the checklist from the game’s updated roadmap from the beginning of the year.

Here’s everything that was revealed about April 2024‘s Marvel Snap season. (Note that some of the images below are from old data mines and do not reflect current stats, but the text below them is up to date.)

Marvel Snap April 2024 season pass card: Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo Marvel Snap Card
A very solid card. Image via Second Dinner

Baron Zemo

  • Card stats: Three cost, five power
  • Card text: “On Reveal: Recruit the lowest-Cost card from your opponent’s deck to your side of this location.”

This month’s season pass card, Baron Zemo looks to join the ranks of universally decent cards that can fit in just about any deck. The ability to steal a card from your opponent’s deck and add it to your side will always have value.

Marvel Snap April 2024 new cards

Additional cards will be added each week, including launch week, totaling six new cards in the season. These cards can be found within the Token Shop or Spotlight Caches in their respective weeks.

Red Hulk (April 3)

Red Hulk Marvel SNap card
General Ross, you OK? Image via Second Dinner
  • Card stats: Six cost, 11 power
  • Card text: “When your opponent ends a turn with unspent Energy, +4 Power. (if in hand or in play)”

U.S. Agent (April 10)

U.S. Agent Marvel Snap card
Dollar store Captain America. Image via Second Dinner
  • Card stats: Two cost, three power
  • Card text: “Ongoing: 4, 5, and 6-Cost cards here have -3 Power.”

Red Guardian (April 17)

Red Guardian Marvel Snap card
For the Motherland! Image via Second Dinner
  • Card stats: Three cost, four power
  • Card text: “On Reveal: Afflict the lowest-Power enemy card here with -2 Power and remove its text.”

White Widow (April 24)

White Widow Marvel Snap card
Black, White, both annoying. Image via Second Dinner
  • Card stats: Two cost, two power
  • Card text: “On Reveal: Add a Widow’s Kiss to your opponent’s side of this location.”

Widow’s Kiss

  • Card stats: Zero cost, zero power
  • Card text: “Ongoing: This has -4 Power. Disable this ability if your side of this location is full.”

Valentina (May 1)

Valentina Marvel Snap card
Julia-Louis Dreyfuss has joined the game. Image via Second Dinner
  • Card stats: Two cost, three power
  • Card text: “On Reveal: Add a random 6-Cost card to your hand. Give it -2 Cost and -3 Power.”

Marvel Snap’s Thunderbolts season begins on April 2 and will end on May 9.

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