Wet and worried: MW3 players rage at season 3 map’s pool Hardpoint hill

Despite seemingly resembling one of the most iconic competitive maps in CoD history, some Call of Duty League fans fear 6 Star won’t ever be seen on the main stage because of a Hardpoint hill that’s submerged in water.

Sledgehammer Games released a blog today that revealed the Hardpoint locations for the upcoming season three map, 6 Star. One of the Hardpoint hills is in the pool, meaning CoD players might have to fight underwater to capture the point. The design decision sent CDL fans into a confused frenzy as some players don’t enjoy engaging in water combat because it’s only possible to use a pistol underwater.

6 star MW3
Shotzzy might finally get a chance to put his swimming skills on full display. Image via Activision

“Well, it definitely won’t be added to the map set then…sigh,” one player responded. In the map guide, the MW3 devs explained that players can stand in the bar area, on the center plant, or walk along the outer edge to avoid water combat. But some community members still argued that it’s a mistake to force players to fight in the water.

“They just had to go and ruin it, didn’t they,” a second user added. Some CDL fans initially predicted that 6 Star would be a great addition to the league because the layout closely resembles Raid, which is regarded as one of the best competitive maps ever. In saying that, some commenters claimed that they’d still rather have 6 Star added in over Invasion Hardpoint.

“I’d rather watch underwater warfare than most points on Invasion,” a third player claimed. The CDL and Treyarch have shown they’re willing to test new maps for the rotation. MW3 Ranked Play recently did a map trial testing out Departures and Vista, and Rio was already added to the league ahead of Major Two. Based on previous history, the CDL wouldn’t be able to add 6 Star to the official map pool until after Major Three, but it’s unclear if players want a similar map trial based on their initial reaction to the controversial Hardpoint hill.

Players will get to test the new map and hill for themselves in multiplayer when MW3 season three goes live on April 3.

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