Overwatch 2’s googly eyes and silliness return alongside free rewards in week-long April Fools’ event

Overwatch 2 has brought back the chaos for this year’s April Fools’ event, flipping the game on its head today in a special playlist where it’s all about fun and messing around.

A shrunken Mauga and a giant Brigitte are just the beginning of the changes in the limited-time event, jokingly titled “Balanced Overwatch,” which offers free rewards like goofy sprays and battle pass XP for playing in a special playlist.

OW2 April Fools event screen
Grab some fun sprays and free XP. Screenshot by Dot Esports

This OW2 event turns the game on its head in silly ways. For example, every hero has some kind of tweak to make their kit different, like Reaper only shooting out of his lefthand gun or Torbjörn’s turret gaining the ability to stick to surfaces.

But some of the funniest experiences in the playlist include the return of all of the heroes having new ultimate voicelines. Moira says “I’ll show you meta” as she triggers hers, D.Va says “peep this POTG!” and Cassidy says “it’s 3:24” instead of “it’s high noon.”

The playlist promises “new ways to play with a changing selection of game modes that include new rules, different team sizes, and unique maps” alongside the hero tweaks.

Blizzard always has a blast with these April Fools’ events in OW2 each year, and 2024 is no different. It’s hilarious watching a miniature Mauga rush you down with a high-pitched voice, and listening to the silly ultimate voicelines never gets old.

The challenges are simple, too, featuring tasks like playing as each class and using an ultimate on each class a certain amount of times. It’s basically free XP and sprays ahead of the next season’s launch in a couple of weeks.

Overwatch 2’s April Fools’ event goes away on April 9, so make sure to hop online for some silliness with friends while you still can.

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