Missing monsters: Dragon’s Dogma 2 players call out Capcom for early teaser ‘lies’

Dragon’s Dogma 2 players have declared they’re feeling let down today after discovering the Capcom RPG doesn’t have quite as many large-scale creatures as they were hoping, especially since more towering enemies were exactly what Capcom promised in early teasers.

The Dragon’s Dogma 2 developers originally teased that more large-scale monsters hidden away across the map when introducing The Sphinx in a video with IGN back in January and while there are other large creatures around the world, they all pale in comparison to the Spinx, and by proxy, the hopes players had coming into the game.

Arisen talking with Sphinx in Dragon's Dogma 2.
The Sphinx is a huge and challenging foe. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Looking back in hindsight, one Dragon’s Dogma 2 player boiled down the interview to “lies” when kicking up a discussion on Reddit on March 25. With hopes of getting new bosses alongside returning creatures from the previous Dragon’s Dogma games, it’s fair to say many originally eager gamers have been left relatively disappointed.

Still, there is hope these large-scale creatures will eventually make their way to the RPG title in the future with the help of DLC, and that wouldn’t be out of character for a Capcom game. That being said, no news that would suggest this is the case has been announced by the Dragon’s Dogma 2 devs just yet, and we expect they’ve got much bigger issues to fix first up.

To its credit, there are multiple enemies to face in Dragon’s Dogma 2, and some can be quite challenging. The problem is most quests see you fighting these same enemies over and over, so later in the game very few feel special. Many fans hoped to see old franchise monsters make their way back for the sequel but unfortunately, this appears to not be the case, at least in the base game. The silver lining here is that now players who haven’t experienced the original game will have another reason to go back and check it out.

It remains to be seen how DD2 progresses after a rocky launch but, hopefully, future updates will at least bring way more huge monsters for players to battle.

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