Monopoly GO Sunset Treasures rewards cheat sheet

A Monopoly GO Treasure Hunt is live from July 4 to 8 through Sunset Treasures. This is my favorite main event, featuring 20 levels of rewards. There’s no Wild Sticker as a grand prize, but there is a new Token and Shield available at milestones 10 and 17.

To reach the new cosmetics or to score the grand prize rewards, here’s everything you need to help you finish the Monopoly GO Sunset Treasures event.

All Monopoly GO Sunset Treasures rewards and milestones

Sunset Treasures levels Sunset Treasures rewards
One 50 Dice rolls
Two Cash
Three 100 Dice rolls
Four Orange Sticker pack, five Pickaxe tokens, and cash
Five 150 Dice rolls
Six 200 Dice rolls
Seven Pink Sticker pack
Eight 175 Dice rolls
Nine 200 Dice rolls
10 Scarab Sentinel Shield
11 600 Dice rolls
12 10 Pickaxe tokens and cash
13 400 Dice rolls
14 Pink Sticker pack and cash
15 200 Dice rolls
16 Blue Sticker pack, 15 Pickaxe tokens, and cash
17 Pharaoh Scottie Token
18 500 Dice rolls
19 Cash
20 Purple Sticker pack, 2,500 Dice rolls, and cash

What’s different about Monopoly GO Sunset Treasures?

Ms. Monopoly holding up treasure from Hunt event in Monopoly GO
Use the mole to your advantage. Screenshot by Dot Esports

For the first time in Monopoly GO history, a mole has been added to help you dig for Sunset Treasures. Upon digging up the mole with a Pickaxe, it will proceed to dig the rest of the row for you. The mole is a great addition to the Treasure Hunt event, helping you get to level 20 without needing as many Pickaxe tokens.

Two new cosmetics are available through the Monopoly GO Sunset Treasures main event: A Scarab Sentinel Shield and a Pharaoh Scottie Token. There is no Wild Sticker as a reward this time around.

How to level up quickly in Monopoly GO Sunset Treasures

To level up and finish the Monopoly GO Sunset Treasures event, the best action you can take is rolling for Pickaxe tokens through the solo and tournament events. Don’t save the tokens like you do with a Peg-E event. Use them right away to get more dice rolls and other rewards that can help you progress.

Check the Monopoly GO daily events to use flash events like High Roller and Mega Heist to get more Pickaxe tokens. You can also use these events to restock your dice rolls and unlock Sticker sets.

Watch for patterns on the Sunset Treasures board. If you know a piece has you digging up four squares, dig the middle-most square to determine if it’s vertical or horizontal.

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