Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) Bangboo tier list – Best and worst, ranked

Bangboo are small creatures capable of providing powerful buffs and abilities during combat in Zenless Zone Zero. Just like all playable characters, some Bangboo are much better than others, which means you may need a tier list to compare their skills.

The right Bangboo will make your team build feel effortlessly powerful, while the weaker ones won’t be any help at all. Knowing which ones to use in different situations is key, so here are all the Bangboo in ZZZ ranked in a tier list.

All Bangboo tier list in Zenless Zone Zero

All Bangboo in Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 ranked.
There’s quite a large selection of them. Image by Dot Esports via TierMaker

Here is every Bangboo in ZZZ ranked from best to worst. Each Bangboo is incredibly unique and most of them have specific requirements you need to meet to unlock their full potential, so here’s everything you need to know about their ranking and abilities.


Bangboo Rank Pros Cons
Sharkboo S-rank Deals very powerful Ice damage. Requires two Ice characters on the team to get full buff.
Amillion S-rank Massive Physical damage output. Need a Cunning Hare character on the team to unlock its full potential.
Butler S-rank Useful support unit that supplies reliable energy regeneration. Mediocre attack damage and requires one Victoria Housekeeping Co. recruit for full buffs.
Safety S-rank High damage output and additional buffs when a target is Shocked or Burning. Requires one Belobog Heavy Industries character to get full effects.
Bangvolver S-rank Strong Physical damage output. Needs two Physical characters on the team to use its full abilities and its attack can be unreliable since it can fail.
Resonaboo S-rank Has a powerful black hole that consistently pulls in opponents which is great for crowd control. A minimum of two Ether recruits are needed to unlock full effects.

All of the S-tier Bangboo are the absolute best of the best, which makes them the most powerful recruits you can get. Since they’re so helpful, they’re also usually pretty difficult to get, but the effort is well worth it for the immense buffs and abilities they supply.


Bangboo Rank Pros Cons
Rocketboo S-rank Huge Fire damage AoE attack. Needs two Fire characters to gain full buff.
Starterboo S-rank Can knock back smaller opponents. Requires two Physical characters to unlock its full potential.

The A-tier Bangboo are pretty potent units but not quite as impressive as those in the S-tier. They’re still better than your average Bangboo, but they aren’t consistently amazing and may require more work or grant slightly less effective abilities overall.


Bangboo Rank Pros Cons
Exploreboo A-rank Provides a random buff (healing, shielding, or energy regeneration) which makes it highly versatile and flexible. The buff cannot be chosen and you need at least one support unit on the team to make it more powerful.
Devilboo A-rank Deals powerful Ether damage with targeted bullets. Needs two Ether characters to grant full effect.
Booressure A-rank Provides reliable and consistent energy regeneration. One support character is required to get the full effect, but this is a lot easier than most other Bangboo requirements.
Electroboo A-rank Very consistent Electric damage. Two Electric units are needed to unlock the full buff.
Avocaboo A-rank Great healing unit. Needs at least one support unit to grant additional healing, but this isn’t too difficult to do.
Penguinboo A-rank Deals solid Ice damage. You need at least two Ice characters to use its full effects.
Magnetiboo A-rank Good at pulling in surrounding enemies for crowd control. Needs one anomaly unit in the squad to access its full potential.

All B-tier Bangboo are reliable and steady but aren’t as capable of being extremely powerful as all those listed in higher tiers are. You usually won’t be disappointed with the buffs and effects the Bangboo in this tier grant, but you also won’t be overly amazed.

Devilboo and lots of other unlockable Bangboo in Zenless Zone Zero.
Even the weakest Bangboo are still pretty cute. Screenshot by Dot Esports


Bangboo Rank Pros Cons
Paperboo A-rank Taunts enemies to draw them in then explodes. Requires at least one defense unit to generate a shield.
Bagboo A-rank Deals decent Physical damage. Needs at least one attack character to access full buff and isn’t very powerful overall.
Cryboo A-rank Solid Fire damage from potent bomb-throwing ability. Can only access full abilities with two Fire units on the team.
Sumoboo A-rank Great AoE ability that interrupts enemy attacks. Requires one Stun character on the team to provide full benefits.
Boollseye A-rank Throws a dart that deals mediocre Physical damage at opponents. Has fairly weak abilities overall and needs at least one Pierce unit to grant full effects.
Luckyboo A-rank Attacks with coins to deal underwhelming Physical damage. Two Physical characters are needed for this Bangboo to activate all of its abilities.

The C-tier Bangboo still aren’t bad units, but they’re the overall most ineffective or difficult to work with. Because of this, it’s best to try and work with better Bangboo whenever you can.

Bangboo on the street with a ball in Zenless Zone Zero.
Don’t underestimate how useful Bangboo can be. Screenshot by Dot Esports

There are so many Bangboo to choose from, and obtaining them is no easy task. You have to use lots of Boopons to get them and it will generally take you quite some time to get the best ones available. It’s also worth visiting the Remodeling Shop with them to unlock their full potential. All of this might sound like a lot, but the abilities Bangboo grant make them worth putting in the effort, so keep at it if you want to create the best team builds possible.

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