MTG Planeswalker Jace Reawakened Plots in Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Wizards of the Coast has added a second Magic: The Gathering Planeswalker called Jace Reawakened to the Outlaws of Thunder Junction set. 

Villains across the MTG Multiverse have converged on a new plane in Outlaws of Thunder Junction (OTJ). Leading the gang’s heist is Oko, featured on the Planeswalker card Oko, the Ringleader. Other popular characters from across the Multiverse have joined the crew as well, like Vraska, Kellan, and Rakdos. And resurrecting from the beyond is a second planeswalker in the OTJ set, Jace Reawakened.

Jace Reawakened MTG Planeswalker in OTJ

Jace casting illusion magic in Thunder Junction
Jace can Plot to set up dangerous combos. Image via WotC

Jace was last seen running an errand for the Phyrexians and fell off the Multiverse map. It was alleged that Jace had perished, but the Planeswalker is alive and well—and with their Spark still, too. Jace was with Oko’s gang all along, which was brought to light through the March 25 OTJ “The Ballad of Thieves and Thunderslingers” story. The return of Jace as a Planeswalker shows off familiar abilities along with the new Plot mechanic.

  • Name: Jace Reawakened
  • Casting cost: UU
  • Type: Legendary Planeswalker—Jace
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Starting Loyalty: Three
  • Passive ability: “You can’t cast this spell during your first, second, or third turns of the game.”
  • Plus-one ability: “Draw a card, then discard a card.”
  • Plus-one ability: “You may exile a nonland card with a mana value of three or less from your hand. If you do, it becomes Plotted.”
  • Minus-six ability: “Until the end of turn, whether you cast a spell, copy it. You may choose new targets for the copy.”

The Plot mechanic, introduced through OTJ, is unique in this case. Typically, you have to pay a Plot cost to exile it and have it become Plotted, but Jace will do this for free if the mana is three or less on the non-land card. Given Jace Reawakened’s casting cost, the Legendary Planeswalker should see Constructed play. The combo potential with low-cost mana cards getting Plotted should spill over into multiple Magic formats. And there are ways, like Leyline of Anticipation, that can assist you in getting around Jace’s passive ability.

You can test out Jace Reawakened when the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease events start on April 12. 

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