DD2 players have an effective and hilarious way of dealing with annoying Pawns

An Arisen is nothing without their Pawns, but what happens when the same Pawns become annoying, and you’re nowhere near a Riftstone? Why, you throw them off a cliff, of course.

Since Dragon’s Dogma 2 came out, players have been posting screenshots and videos of various creative ways they’ve dealt with obstacles. One of these obstacles is the constant chatter of Pawns. For the most part, the Pawns in DD2 are well-mannered and loyal subjects who serve the player without question. That said, each Pawn has a different personality, and sometimes, they like to speak their NPC mind regardless of how their master might feel. And many players on Reddit have taken advantage of the game’s carrying and throwing mechanics in response.

Party in the woods in Dragon's Dogma 2.
Not a peep out of you lot. Screenshot by Dot Esports

In addition to climbing, players can also grab smaller enemies and NPCs, including Pawns, and throw them a good distance. This doesn’t kill the unfortunate Pawns, but merely sends them back to the Rift. While combat might get challenging with one less companion, the risks may just be worth it for some peace and quiet. Normally, if you have a Pawn you can’t stand, you can simply visit a nearby Riftstone and quickly replace it, but if you’re out in the wilderness and don’t feel like wasting a Ferrystone, then any old ravine will do.

Several players have posted videos on Reddit in which a Pawn makes a mocking remark only to be thrown down a cliff the next moment. 

It should be noted this isn’t a new thing for fans of the series. Since the original Dragon’s Dogma game, players could grab their followers and throw them to their doom. We get the feeling the developers already knew about this and just left it in the game for fun.

For the record, we don’t condone this sort of Pawn abuse, even though it is quite hilarious. 

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