Multiversus Joker trailer hints at Powerpuff Girls as playable character

One of the ’90s most recognizable cartoon shows could be invading Multiversus thanks to a small teaser in the recent Joker gameplay reveal, and it has us feeling all things sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Seven seconds into the trailer, a computer screen shows a few characters in the Multiversus roster, such as Superman, Shaggy, and more. But one set of characters in the top right corner has fans buzzing with the reveal of The Powerpuff Girls.

While this does not confirm the Powerpuff Girls are in the roster as a playable character, their inclusion feels like an obvious decision to excite fans. This isn’t the first time the Powerpuff Girls have been rumored to be part of the game. They were part of a massive leak during the game’s initial beta period in early 2023.

The leak listed over a dozen rumored characters to join the mega roster, including Harry Potter, Ben 10, Godzilla, and other famous cast members from the Warner Brothers and Cartoon Network properties. The Joker was included in those leaks, and as you can see, is very much real and voiced by the legendary actor Mark Hamill for the last time.

Any official reveal of the Powerpuff Girls outside this tease will likely come over the next few weeks. The game is gearing up for an official release on May 28, and we doubt the Joker will be the only new character to join the season one roster.

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