One of MSI 2024’s most popular LoL champs is struggling to make an impact

The League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational is in full swing and the meta is fully set in stone. Throughout the event, one champion stood out as the most popular, but their win rate may leave you wondering why pros are even picking it. 

According to the pro play stats site,, Vi is currently the champion with the highest presence at MSI 2024, but her win rate is only 33.3 percent. She appeared in 48 games in total, but only made it through the ban phase in nine games. Out of those nine games, she succeeded in breaking the enemy Nexus only three times. So, her win rate is currently just 33 percent. 

Officer Vi sitting on a police car.
Don’t let Vi catch you. Image via Riot Games

The main reason Vi is such a dominant pick in LoL pro play in season 14 is because she’s a teamfighting powerhouse who doesn’t require a lot of gold to stay relevant. When she combos her ultimate, Cease and Desist, with Vault Breaker, she guarantees a high priority target gets CCed so you can pick them off.

On top of that, Vi is a highly mobile bruiser jungler and loves items that grant her damage and sustain. When you combine that with Conqueror, she easily becomes an unkillable monster that can easily get to your backline, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

In Solo Queue games (Emerald+), Vi has a 49.7 percent win rate, and she’s far from being this popular. Her pick rate is 6.3 percent and her ban rate is only 2.4 percent. Riot Games doesn’t have plans to buff or nerf Vi, at least not in Patch 14.10. In the end, she’s well-balanced, but since she’s a low-economy champion with a strong engage and decent durability, Vi will likely remain a dominant pick in pro play.

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