MW3 patch notes today | Warzone patch notes for May 8

An incredibly annoying bug in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 has been fixed with today’s newest update for Call of Duty, version 1.044.000.

For a week, players who used a certain controller setting were having their reloads canceled, forcing them into disadvantageous situations where they would often get outgunned thanks to a very poorly timed reload.

Now, the fix is finally in with today’s patch in CoD. Here are the patch notes in today’s update for both MW3 and Warzone.

MW3 and Warzone patch notes today: May 8, 2024

MW3 operators fighting in a desert locale
It’s finally gone. Image via Activision

The tactical sprint bug ran rampant since the Season Three Reloaded update on May 1, forcing players to change up their preset buttons or just deal with their reloads being canceled every time they moved. Thankfully, the bug has now been fixed.

Interestingly, the MW3 patch notes state that the bug had to do with the Commando Gloves perk, while the Warzone notes simply said that the patch “fixed the issue causing automatic tactical sprint to interrupt attempts to reload a weapon.”

Regardless, the bug should be gone now once the update is installed, so players can return to their automatic tactical sprinting ways. Little else was fixed for Warzone, other than another annoying bug which was causing the Prioritize Interact setting on controllers to prevent players from reloading.

Elsewhere in the patch notes for MW3, there were fixes for progression, collision issues on the Skidgrow map, and new restrictions in Ranked Play, where the Scratch 20-L suppressor, EMD Mine, and Enhanced Vision Goggles Field Upgrade have been banned.

To read the full patch notes, check them out for both MW3 multiplayer and Warzone on the official CoD website.

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