This epic space strategy game is on a stellar 70 percent sale

Exploring the galaxy and leading your own civilization is no easy feat, and now is the best time than ever to do that as Stellaris is on sale.

Stellaris is currently available on Steam with a 70 percent discount for only $11.99. The New Player Edition is also available at a half price for $29.99 and includes the base game, Galactic Paragons, and Utopia DLCs. Both of these offers last until May 20.

Orange fleet in Stellaris
Build an empire in style. Image via Paradox Interactive

Stellaris is a grand space strategy where your goal is to build an empire across the galaxy. Your civilization has just learned how to travel between stars, and it’s up to you to decide which direction this empire will take. The game features procedurally generated planets, galaxies, quests, traits, enemies, and other races. Some of these elements can even be customized, making the playthrough unpredictable and tailored specifically to you.

There’s also an intricate system of space warfare with customizable war fleets, complex technologies, and more. If diplomacy doesn’t work, you can always resort to a spectacular space battle.

The game has just received its latest expansion on May 7. The Machine Age DLC for Stellaris introduces a new endgame Crisis, three new origins, and a bunch of smaller additions, including new portraits, ship sets, and megastructures.

Apart from The Machine AgeStellaris has multiple other DLCs you can pick up if you’re interested, and two more are scheduled to be released in 2024. While the expansions themselves aren’t currently on sale, this might still be a great time to pick up this space strategy and give it a shot, especially since the game aims to deliver free updates that evolve your playthrough.

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