MW3 will test Vista and Departures as Ranked Play maps following CDL Major 2

According to a developer announcement om March 22, the official Call of Duty League map pool might change after Major 2, depending on the community feedback from an upcoming playtest.

Treyarch announced, “Beginning Monday, March 25th, Vista and Departures will be added to ALL competitive game modes in #MW3 Ranked Play until Friday, March 29th.” The devs also explained that a combination of feedback and data will be used to determine if the maps will be added to the official map pool. It’s important to note that neither map would replace any of the current offerings.

Departures MW3
Departures is sure to divide fans over its size and lanes. Image via Activision

Community members reacted positively to the announcement and started making suggestions about which maps should be replaced. Most recommendations pointed out Invasion and Terminal as two maps that should possibly be removed from the current map pool.

An excited user responded, “Big fan of this. Don’t be afraid to do it sooner next time!” This is in reference to how several CDL pros wanted Season Two maps added into the league rotation before Major 2 Qualifier matches started on Feb. 17. Despite having a few weeks to test the new maps out, Call of Duty League senior manager Spencer Peterson confirmed that none of the new Season Two maps could be added to the professional map pool until after Major Two. Peterson and the rest of the CDL team followed through on that promise and community members made sure to give the devs their flowers.

Major Three qualifier matches start on April 12, meaning pro players will also have plenty of time to provide their input. Treyarch hasn’t revealed who will have the final say about the decision, but it’s historically always come down to a vote led by pros.

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