Warzone community members celebrate return of third-person mode for first time in over a year

Warzone community members haven’t been able to play the battle royale in third-person since February 2023, but that all changed with the new Mixed View BR mode.

As part of Warzone’s weekly playlist update, Raven Software introduced Mixed View BR as a limited-time game mode that allows players to switch between first and third-person views. Community members flooded the comment section with praise for ending a long drought, but also questioned why the game mode was removed to begin with.

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Warzone players should at least try third-person while they can. Image via Activision

“Third person battle royale modes stopped being put in playlist rotations because of them not being popular / not having enough players, right?” Warzone content creator ModernWarzone asked. If that’s true, community members also question the timing of the playlist’s addition. If the goal is to gauge interest in the mode’s popularity, releasing it on the same day as Warzone Mobile is an unfortunate coincidence. While players eagerly jump back into Verdansk and Rebirth Island again, it’s unlikely the third-person game mode gets the proper spotlight during it’s one-week run.

In saying that, some community members are still excited about the new addition. However, arguments were also made in the comment section for the game mode to be added permanently, as players that loved the mode suggesting an all third-person view playlist.

When Warzone 2 first launched in November 2022, a third-person battle royale trios playlist enabled the use of the unique camera perspective for the first time in series history. Community members expected the mode to be a permanent fixture and for mode squad sizes to be added later. Instead, Infinity Ward surprised players by removing the playlist entirely. The devs would later add add third-person back as a limited-time mode in February 2023, but that was the last time we have seen it since.

It’s unclear if we will see third-person on a more regular basis, but community members have their doubts.

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