Warzone devs address game-breaking Irradiated perk glitch

After Warzone players unearthed a troubling Irradiated perk glitch, Raven Software swooped in and addressed the issue before things got out of hand.

As part of the March 22 Warzone update, the developers fixed an issue that allowed the Irradiated perk to plate through any source of damage and changed it so the perk would allow players to equip plates while taking gas damage. This comes after CoD YouTuber IceManIsaac and other community members discovered a glitch with Irradiated that allowed players to equip armor plates even while taking damage. As a result, players would abuse the perk, and the refilling armor made it a nightmare for enemies to try and finish off a kill.

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Another annoying Irradiated perk glitch gets fixed. Image via Activision

To make matters even worse, players combined the glitch with the Quick Fix for more potent results, as the perk starts health regeneration after inserting a plate. So not only did the armor health bar never deplete, but the normal health bar never decreased if players had enough plates to equip. The discovery is very similar to a game-breaking glitch found back In February, where players combined the two perk benefits to survive in the gas longer than intended. Raven Software caught wind of the exploit and temporarily removed Quick Fix but later added the perk back and removed the perk’s ability to regenerate health while in the gas.

Thankfully, the devs didn’t need to remove either perk this time, but it’s clear that both perks have caused trouble before, and based on what we have seen, this might not be the last issue. The March 22 update also heavily nerfed the JAK-Outlaw 277 because the lever-action rifle briefly took over the battle royale. Additionally, the Longbow was nerfed for controller users, as the sniper rifle now has no aim-assist, just like other weapons from the class when it previously did.

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